Matthew J. St. Sure

Systems Engineer for the Community Services Agency of Stanislaus County, California

Matthew works as a Systems Engineer for the Community Services Agency of Stanislaus County. He has focused on the universal issue of insider threat over the past two years. 

In the development of a new security awareness program, it became apparent that the issue is far more complicated than simply delivering information to the end users. The problem is multi-faceted and requires multiple domains of expertise as well as clear objectives.

Matthew started his career as a network consultant and then progressed into training. He worked in the medical field, developing training programs that helped medical professionals better use technology to improve work processes to serve their patients. The improved work flow and greater access also created new risks with respect to patient information and privacy. In response, He took an education-focused approach to better safeguard patient privacy and security this user focused approach pervades many of his security related endeavors. 

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